So Poor Ole Arthur Andersen is Bleeding To Death

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By Admin (Admin) on Sunday, March 24, 2002 - 1:02 pm: Edit Post

I took a day job at Andersen some years ago just to get away from another set of assholes. I actually tried to work with Andersen's auditing group working at an investment bank, mostly because Andersen's consulting group was still part of the company (I always wanted to try to get into Andersen Consulting).

Well, the fuckers just started to get on my fucking nerves and one morning as I was getting ready for work, I simply could not find any legitimate reason for go into work and looking at their idiot fucking faces for another day.

Now, normally, you quit a temp assignment the idiot fuckers just get another temp. But, some Japanese bitch at Andersen decided to call my agency and demand that I not be paid. I fucking went nuts on these fuckers, even though the Department of Labor collected my pay, I still sued not only the fucking temp agency, but the temp agency's client (Arthur Andersen) and I sued Arthur Andersen's client. So, not only did I sue the temp agency's client, but I sued the temp agency's client's client.

I reported the temp agency to the IRS because the agency was famous for cheating temps out of over time. when a temp ageny cheats you out of OT, they are not only cheating you, but they are falsely reporting your income to you and to the the state and to the IRS.

By the time my lawsuit against the temp agency came to trial, there was nothing left of the temp agency because the IRS has wiped it out. As far as I could tell, the only asset the fucking agency had left was a fucking PO Box.

I then went to town on Andersen and Andersen's client, even though the suit was dismissed, since Andersen used Proskauer Rose as their attorney, Andersen and its client had to have spent about 10 times what I could have won in Court paying Proskauer's bill for legal services.

Even though I was able to collect my money, destroy the temp agency and get the Japanese Bitch fired, I still had to live with the awful fact that I can probably never work for Arthur Andersen.

So, the fact that Poor Arthur is actually bleeding to death, simply means that suing them back then didn't really have a downside after all.

By Admin (Admin) on Sunday, March 31, 2002 - 12:53 pm: Edit Post


If some idiot agency refuses to pay you and you WANT to actually get your money, you should file a complaint with the Department of Labor. If you are more interested in destroying the temp agency that in collecting your money, you can file a lawsuit in small claims court against the temp agency's Client. I know that there have been several occassions when I would gladly have paid a weeks wages if it would have meant destroying some idiot fucking Shit Shop Temp Agency.

Lawsuits are very unpredictable and you could very well lose a lawsuit against the Temp agency's Client even though you can prove that you actually did the work and wasn't paid. So, again, if you actually want to get your money, file a complaint with the NYS Department of Labor.

Technically, you cannot pursue an administrative complaint against the temp agency before the Department of Labor AND sue the temp agency in small claims court. But, if you just want to be vicious, you can technically pursue an administrative complaint against the temp agency before the Department of Labor and a small claims court lawsuit against the temp agency's client in small claims court (but you can only collect once, you can't be paid twice for the same work).

The law holds that you may sue the party that benefited from your labor if your employer refuses to pay you. And since it is the Client that benefited from your labor when you are a temp, you can sue the Client.

Small claims court lawsuits take a very long time to be resolved and it will definitely cost the Client a lot of money and the Client will definitely be pissed off at the agency (more likely than not, the client probably paid the temp agency for your work but the temp agency didn't pay you).

If you sue the Client, you are essentially burning your bridges with that Client. There are so many "Clients" in NYC, we can all actually afford to burn a few fucking bridges without risking any substantial damage. I actually nuke my fucking bridges, once I'm done with stupid fuckers, I have rarely had a need to revisit the assholes. And suing stupid fuckers means that they are less likely to run off at the fucking mouth about you if someone calls them for references. When people do background checks on me, nobody says shit, it makes me look like I'm a fucking saint or something.

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