Tempsters (tm) NYC Temp Agencies News August 2010

31Aug/106:26 PM

Video: It's Your Dime: Pricey Annual Reports

In this edition of It’s Your Dime, Fox 29 Investigative Reporter Jeff Cole takes a look a something you have probably never seen or read, but are paying for with your taxes and tolls.
31Aug/106:14 PM

Video: Airlines begin charging seat fee

Some airlines are now charging you a “small fee” to reserve your seat assignment early.
31Aug/106:14 PM

Video: Airlines begin charging seat fee

Some airlines are now charging you a “small fee” to reserve your seat assignment early.
31Aug/106:06 PM

Video: Labor Day Travel

Hurricane Earl could have an impact on holiday travel.
31Aug/105:35 PM

Video: Homeowners get help from NACA

Homeowners get help from NACA
31Aug/105:11 PM

Video: those who heat with electric homes fight for lower rates

all electric home owners fight for lower rates
31Aug/102:16 PM

Video: Last minute labor day deals!

Forget about a vacation, try a staycation with our last minute labor day deals!
31Aug/102:16 PM

Video: Last minute labor day deals!

Forget about a vacation, try a staycation with our last minute labor day deals!
31Aug/109:52 AM

Video: Cheesecake Heaven

Cheesecake Heaven offers pasta salad, wraps, sandwiches and of course, cheesecake.
31Aug/108:22 AM

Video: The Buzz: T.F. Green ranked 5th best airport

Rhode Island can add travel to its long list of bragging rights, after T.F. Green Airport lands the top 5 of best airports in America. Travel + Leisure released a survey from readers describing the best and worst airports in the country. Providence was named the fifth best. The magazine describes T.F. Green as the "picture of competence", ranking the Warwick airport as: first in on-time performance, first for staff efficiency, and second for functional design.
31Aug/108:09 AM

Video: Signature Lobster Macaroni & Cheese

We're cooking Pearl Signature Lobster Macaroni & Cheese in the kitchen with Executive Chef Stefan Afonso from Pearl Restaurant & Lounge.
31Aug/105:53 AM

Video: Iceland Defends Right to Fish in Mackerel Row with U.K.: Video

Aug. 31 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Ryan Chilcote reports on a dispute between Iceland and the U.K. over mackerel fishing quotas and the risk the row may affect the North Atlantic nation's bid to join the European Union. (Source: Bloomberg)
31Aug/101:05 AM

Video: Valley cities make plans for medical marijuana

"A normal citizen that does not have their medical card is not even going to be allowed to step foot in there.
31Aug/1012:03 AM

Video: What Can You Do About Your Retirement?

Retirement is something everyone should look forward to. But in reality, any people are terrified because they haven't saved enough and they'll have to change their lifestyle.
30Aug/108:06 PM

Video: Health Care On The Cheap Could Cost You

More and more Americans are bypassing regular visits to the doctor's office to save a buck.
30Aug/106:15 PM

Video: New Programs for Homeowners

The government is rolling out new programs to help homeowners.
30Aug/104:52 PM

Video: Tragic Beauty at Rock Cut

Far from state parks or tourist brochures a pretty little spot in Lincoln County holds one man in thrall because of something that happened there 80 years ago.
30Aug/1012:41 PM

Video: Wish Upon A Wedding

Sadly some may not get the wedding experience they've dreamed of life-threatening circumstances. "Wish Upon A Wedding" is aiming to change that. Wish Upon A Wedding is the world's first nonprofit wish granting organization, providing weddings and vow renewals to couples facing terminal illness and serious life altering circumstances. And now...they're launching in Las Vegas. Adam Frazier and Rissa Gunderson spoke with Dao about "Wish Upon A Wedding" and it's launch here in Las Vegas!
29Aug/101:38 PM

Video: North Shore Vacation in Minnesota

You may not be ready to think about it, but Labor Day is next weekend. That's the unofficial start to fall and that means before long, the leaves will be turning -- and if you've never been to the north shore in the fall you're really missing out. Joining us now is Kate Surbaugh, who knows a little bit about vacationing on the north shore. You manage dozens of vacation sites up there.
29Aug/109:23 AM

Video: Mayflower Greenhouse

Jan from the Mayflower Greenhouse in Hobart joins Doug at Good Day Wisconsin talking about how to care for your mum flowers
28Aug/106:11 PM

Video: New Missouri laws go into effect

New laws including some regarding strip clubs and DWI's goes into effect today.
27Aug/108:08 PM

Video: Foreclosure or short sale? Which hurts your credit most?

Both gives your credit a hit for about 7-years, but one real estate attorney says one is much worse.
27Aug/102:44 PM

Video: The growing popularity of online dating

Using your friends and family to "hook you up?" Then you may be looking for love in all the wrong places. In Today's Women, we find that more and more women are attracted to online dating sights and finding the men of their dreams.
27Aug/109:14 AM

Video: INSTY-Unique Home Solution

Black and White- streak free
26Aug/108:30 PM

Video: Boosting Tourism in Wake of Immigration

When Governor Jan Brewer signed the immigration bill into law, it touched off a ripple effect of boycotts around the country. A handful of cities voted to stop doing business with Arizona companies, and several conventions pulled out of the state, costing Arizona millions.
26Aug/105:58 PM

Video: Evidence in Merhige case made public

Evidence in Merhige case made public
26Aug/103:53 PM

Video: Visiting Navajo Nation parks

Learn how the Navajo Nation's Parks & Recreation Department manage some of the most scenic landscapes in the Southwest
25Aug/107:59 PM

Video: Hardware Stores Help Homeowners Tackle Projects

Tough times prompt more people to take on home improvement projects
25Aug/106:11 PM

Video: Day care center may lose license

Day care center may lose license
25Aug/106:03 PM

Video: New information on battle between PSL police and mayor

New information on battle between PSL police and mayor
25Aug/105:17 PM

Video: Audit claims Niagara Tourism overspent

Did your tax dollars go down the drain in the Falls?
25Aug/103:31 PM

Video: Spring Cleaning Tips : 1 Introduction

Spring Cleaning Tips
25Aug/102:52 PM

Video: How to fit enough clothes for 5 days in one carry on bag.

Luggage expert shares tips on how to pack more efficiently for your next trip.
25Aug/108:53 AM

Video: Hummus recipe

Hummus recipe
25Aug/108:49 AM

Video: Vacation Industry Crisis Results From Gulf Oil Spill Coverag

The oil never came to much of the Gulf Coast, but neither did the vacationers. Coverage of the environmental disaster has been devastating to the vacation industry, even though much of the coast was not been polluted by the spill.
25Aug/108:44 AM

Video: Gansler Joins Craigslist Fight

Maryland is one of the states pushing for a change in Craigslist's adult services.
24Aug/1010:01 PM

Video: Bisignani Says 2010 Will Be `Great Year' for Airlines: Video

Aug. 25 (Bloomberg) -- International Air Transport Association Chief Executive Officer Giovanni Bisignani talks about the outlook for the global airline industry. International passenger demand rose 9.2 percent in July from a year earlier and international scheduled freight traffic increased 22.7 percent, according to IATA, which represents 230 airlines carrying 93 percent of international traffic. Bisignani speaks from Sydney with Bloomberg's Susan Li. (Source: Bloomberg)
24Aug/106:05 PM

Video: New Haven students create school garden

New Haven students create school garden
24Aug/106:01 PM

Video: Former Employee Sue Anne Arundel County Executive

A former employee filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Anne Arundel County Executive John Leopold.
24Aug/1010:43 AM

Video: Metro Arts Pass

Enjoy the City of Omaha with a Metro Art Pass
24Aug/109:29 AM

Video: INSTY - Unique Home Solution

Tracy shows how to have an easy way to ready your rain gauge in today's Unique Home Solution.
24Aug/104:21 AM

Video: Italian Tax Inspectors Track Down Cheats at the Beach

Aug. 24 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Elliott Gotkine reports on Italy's crackdown on tax cheats. The summer holidays are an ideal hunting season for tax inspectors to target marinas, restaurants and resorts.
23Aug/106:15 PM

Video: How To Prepare For Burning Man

You've got your ticket for Burning Man, but you have no idea how to prepare. Here's a starter kit.
23Aug/105:00 PM

Video: Tiger Woods and wife divorce

Tiger Woods and wife divorce
23Aug/104:16 PM

Video: How to Be an Alpha Wife

Do you bring home the bacon, but your husband fries it up in the pan? You may have what it takes to be an alpha wife.
23Aug/101:58 PM

Video: Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities In The World

Think carefully before booking a holiday to any of these destinations...
23Aug/108:25 AM

Video: Green DIY Projects

Green DIY Projects w/ Michael McDonald Today more and more homeowners want to do their part in going green whether they’re remodeling or building a brand new home.
23Aug/107:14 AM

Video: How to Make a Relationship Last

Looking to forge a loving, lifelong bond? With a few tips, you can make your relationship last a lifetime.
22Aug/1011:48 PM

Video: Rallies Over Mosque Near Ground Zero Get Heated

The proposed mosque near ground zero drew hundreds of fever-pitch demonstrators Sunday, with opponents carrying signs associating Islam with blood, supporters shouting, "Say no to racist fear!" and American flags waving on both sides. (Aug. 22)
22Aug/1011:06 PM

Video: Controversial Body Scanners Added at Mitchell

Milwaukee's airport has new technology that has turned heads nationwide.
22Aug/108:23 AM

Video: Grilled Lamb atop Greek Orzo Salad with Texas Watermelon

20Aug/105:30 PM

Video: Ohio family sues school in bullying case

The family of a 16-year-old girl who committed suicide is suing her Ohio school, accusing officials of failing to stop relentless bullying by classmates prior to her death.
20Aug/109:50 AM

Video: American Airlines faces massive fines

It would be the biggest airline fine in history.
19Aug/108:04 PM

Video: Pot Resolution

A city councilman will ask that voters be allowed to decide on medical marijuana dispensaries.
19Aug/105:48 PM

Video: How To Cope With Air Travel

Cancelled and overbooked flights can put a damper on your getaway. Cope with annoying air travel and focus on your destination.
19Aug/105:09 PM

Video: Fruits and vegetables thrive in hot weather

The hot summer weather has been great for local farmers. Hillside Orchard in Hinckley boasts fruits and veggies bursting a good two to four weeks early.
19Aug/105:03 PM

Video: McDermott Loan Probe

Joseph Catalano was a minor witness for the prosecution in the 2006 trial of Christopher Porco. But a report released Thursday by the New York State inspector general indicates he did a pretty big favor for Albany County's then lead prosecutor, Mike McDermott.
19Aug/102:51 PM

Video: August is Girlfriend Getaways Month.

With the kids back in school now is the time to spend some time with your best girls.
19Aug/1012:50 PM

Video: KHM Travel: Las Vegas

How about a great deal on a trip to Las Vegas!
19Aug/108:27 AM

Video: Organize Your Life: Closets

Organize Your Life: Closets
19Aug/107:19 AM

Video: How To See Istanbul Like a Local

Experience the real Istanbul -- and avoid tourist traps -- with these insider tips.
18Aug/108:22 PM

Video: Chef's Table: Summer Braised Greens Entice

Chef Jonathan Bohn of Bend's Decoy Bar And Grill prepares a delicious salad of Mediterranean-style braised greens.
18Aug/105:45 PM

Video: Niagara Falls tourism explodes in 2010

Visitors are flocking to one of western New York's most famous destinations this summer.
18Aug/1011:00 AM

Video: Travel firm collapse

More than 60,000 travellers face having their holiday plans disrupted or ruined after the collapse of travel firm Kiss Flights.
18Aug/1012:58 AM

Video: EXCLUSIVE: Utah police chiefs meet to talk immigration bills

17Aug/1010:07 PM

Video: Mother files suit against seventh grade bully

A mother files for a restraining order against a 7th grade boy after she says her son was bullied and assaulted at a Mooresville school.
17Aug/106:00 PM

Video: Blagojevich Guilty on Just 1 Count

A federal jury found former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich guilty on Tuesday of one count of lying to federal agents, and the judge said he intends to declare a mistrial on the remaining counts. (Aug. 17)
17Aug/105:53 PM

Video: Green Dishwasher Detergents

What are the best Green dishwasher detergents.
17Aug/104:52 PM

Video: Albuquerque Tomato Fiesta takes place Aug. 22

Get your tastebuds ready for the annual Albuquerque Tomato Fiesta, presented by the Albuquerque Area Master Gardeners.
17Aug/1012:03 PM

Video: California gays must wait to wed

Gay couples who had been gearing up to get married in California this week had to put their wedding plans on hold once again.
17Aug/1012:03 PM

Video: Business leaders back airport expansion

T.F. Green is receiving support from the business community, as the airport deals with major financial problems. The Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce , along with business, labor, tourism and policy leaders, gathered Tuesday morning to show its backing of the FAA's Draft Environmental Impact Statement. However, many neighbors surrounding the airport are not as supportive. They are upset with the airport's expansion plan. They say they're frustrated because several homes have been left out of voluntary buyout plans , while other homes around them are included.
17Aug/1010:20 AM

Video: Citrus spin on flowers

bouchards shows us some fun ways to use citrus fruits
17Aug/108:33 AM

Video: Going Places: Eat Pray Love inspired trip

The popularity of the book, and now the major motion picture, "Eat, Pray, Love" has inspired many of to us take journeys of our own around the world. And joining The Rhode Show is Professional Travel Consultant, Kim Beaudoin from Travel Leaders Donovan Travel.
17Aug/101:05 AM

Video: Sheriff Arpaio facing deadline to turn over documents

He’s being investigated for civil rights violations
16Aug/107:29 PM

Video: More N. Texans Vacationing in Mexico

An uptick in Mexican travel is welcome news for the travel industry in North Texas, where the majority of business is generated by vacationers heading across the border.
16Aug/106:15 PM

Video: Man made marijuana gets the boot

Police say it's man-made marijuana - legal and easy to get because it's sold as incense.
16Aug/108:34 AM

Video: Sustainable Living: Security Shredding

Many of us in the business world know what it's like to be in contact with important documents, but things can be uncertain when those documents leave our hands. Thankfully, there are companies out there ensuring us that they don't fall in to the wrong hands.
16Aug/108:23 AM

Video: HP Board Said to Turn Against Hurd After Settlement: Video

Aug. 16 (Bloomberg) -- Hewlett-Packard Co.’s Mark Hurd surprised the board by settling a sexual-harassment claim before directors could learn more about the incident, a final breach of trust that contributed to his ouster as chief executive officer. Bloomberg's Jon Erlichman reports.(Source: Bloomberg)
15Aug/108:50 AM

Video: New Tax Laws

New Tax Laws
14Aug/1012:13 AM

Video: Sky-high state flights to cost more

Sky-high state flights to cost more
13Aug/109:51 AM

Video: Travel chaos hits Britain...again

Travel chaos is hitting holidaymakers as firms go out of business and unions threaten to strike over bank holiday weekend.
13Aug/108:36 AM

Video: Lisa Ling promotes traveling contest

Journalist Lisa Ling is on The Rhode Show to promote the "Inspiration in Your Eyes" contest, which is an enter to win contest for a chance to share a place that you find most visually inspirational.
13Aug/105:12 AM

Video: Tampa Bay Business: New airline, Encore rising, going green

Condor airlines is moving in to the area, but will it be Tampa or Sarasota? Encore, the 30 acre housing complex, is a model for green. Meeting planners & hotels are talking trash (and green).
13Aug/1012:00 AM

Video: Utah representative gives insight into immigration bill

Friday morning, a Utah immigration reform bill will be unveiled. Thursday night, Orem Rep. Steven Sandstrom, the bill's sponsor, shared some of the details with KSL News.
11Aug/1010:45 PM

Video: FOX 11 files complaint with district attorney over Kewaunee

Two area school districts with the same mascot are at different stages in the process of acting on a new state law. If someone files a complaint against a district-- the state superintendent can now ban American Indian nicknames and logos--if it's found to promote discrimination.
11Aug/106:02 AM

Video: Public lewdness, adultery case in court

Public lewdness, adultery case in court