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16Oct/1011:40 PM

Video: How to Afford a Winter Vacation

Set your mind on creating an affordable winter vacation and you'll find that where there's a will, there's a way.
13Oct/108:44 PM

Video: Tour New Luxury Iowa Vacation Cabins

KCCI-TV's Steve Karlin reports.
13Oct/102:40 PM

Video: Chippendales provides tasteful fun for a girlfriend getaway

Andi Barness takes you behind the scenes at Chippendales
13Oct/1012:31 PM

Video: How to Have the Best Beach Vacation

A little advance planning is all it takes to ensure that you and your loved ones have the best beach vacation this year.
11Oct/108:17 AM

Video: Modern Parent: Traveling with kids

Today in the modern parent, heading out on a day trip or a long get-away can be fun for the whole family, but a little preparation can go miles when it comes to making the trip a success.
11Oct/105:32 AM

Video: Passenger kicked off Tampa-bound JetBlue flight

A passenger at New York City's John F. Kennedy International Airport was removed from a Tampa-bound JetBlue flight Saturday due to a security concern,
07Oct/1010:01 AM

Video: Discover the Tribal Lands of Wisconsin

06Oct/108:47 PM

Video: Kowalski Sees Rise in Business Travelers at Holiday Inn: Video

Oct. 6 (Bloomberg) -- Kevin Kowalski, senior vice president at International Hotels Group Plc, talks about a resurgence in business travelers. Kowalski also discusses the Holiday Inn brand and growth in China. (Source: Bloomberg)
06Oct/104:31 PM

Video: How to Choose a Spot for Spring Break

There are many things to consider before booking that long-awaited trip. Follow this advice to choose the right destination for you.
05Oct/1010:04 AM

Video: Be a World Traveler for $30 Per Day

At the tender age of 44 years old, Barbara Singer decided to reinvent her life. In one tense and anxiety filled year, her only child went off to school, she got divorced, and then fell in love with a new man, but then he suddenly died. She found herself looking down the barrel of twenty years in a corporate sweathouse until retirement, chasing money and running on the 7 AM to 10 PM treadmill of the American Dream. She knew she could not keep up this crazy pace and remain sane and successful. She was no longer interested in building wealth. She wanted freedom, adventure, travel and romance. So she jumped off the track. She gave up her career and travelled across country in an RV from Pennsylvania to Alaska and back. She lived on a sailboat in the Caribbean. "$1000 a month doesn't mean slumming it!! I was paid crew to live on this sailboat for three months island hopping in the Caribbean." Then she went to Italy and spent four months living in Tuscany. “I lived in the heart of Florence, Italy. Many people are happy to have company and open their homes, especially to foreigners. I stayed with a celebrity who appeared to have it all and really just wanted someone to hang out with.” In her new book Living Without Reservations she shares how she did it and offers an arsenal of ideas about how anyone can have an Eat, Pray, Love experience themselves and reinvent and re-engineer their own lives to truly build the life they dream about. Barbara says that you don’t need to earn a lot of money. Without the trappings of the American lifestyle, it actually takes very little money to live. The real goal in life is to collect experiences and enjoy people, not just to go shopping and buy and collect stuff. You can live and travel when and where you choose without incurring great expense. www.BarbaraElaineSinger.com
05Oct/106:46 AM

Video: Savings 4 You: Caribbean vacation

Savings 4 You: Caribbean vacation
05Oct/1012:51 AM

Video: Travel Agents Urge Customers to Be Aware After Europe Travel Alert

Travel Agents Urge Customers to Be Aware After Europe Travel Alert
04Oct/109:38 AM

Video: Tourists confident despite US travel alert

Tourists at Paris' Eiffel Tower seemed rather confident on Monday, despite the US State Department's warnings on travelling in Europe because of "the potential for terrorist attacks". The Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame's Cathedral and other touristic sites in Germany and Britain are on a US list of potential terrorist attacks sites.  Duration: 00:51.
03Oct/103:22 PM

Video: A guided tour of the Paris suburbs

The belt of urban suburbs around Paris is sometimes associated with little more than antisocial behaviour and commuter enclaves. But now an initiative to involve local people in grassroots tourism is getting some residents interested in the history of their own area -- and in giving the lowdown to curious visitors.Duration: 02:18
01Oct/101:07 PM

Video: When You Do Not Want to Return from Vacation

30Sep/103:46 PM

Video: How to Get a Deal on a Cruise

Awesome destinations, great food, good times, and a big boat can break the bank if you don't do your research. Vacation like a superstar -- even on a budget.
30Sep/102:41 PM

Video: Clickjacking Scams Increase, & Fall Travel Deals Online

New scams popping up on Facebook and Twitter, costing you cash. And the best place to save on Fall travel is using social media!
30Sep/108:54 AM

Video: Taking a Fall Trip Through New York

29Sep/1011:47 PM

Video: Book Your Flight on Facebook

The Akron-Canton Airport allows travelers to book their flights on the airport's Facebook page! Fox 8's Suzanne Stratford has more on this social media first...
29Sep/106:12 AM

Video: Travel prices fall during autumn months

Travel prices fall during autumn months