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18Oct/1012:33 AM

Video: OK Anti-Bullying Law Debate

Should Oklahoma put in to place uniform guidelines to prevent bullying in school districts across the state?
17Oct/108:18 PM

Video: Marriage Equality March

15Oct/1010:52 AM

Video: Feds Oppose Prop 19 To Legalize Pot

Attorney General Eric Holder says the Justice Department will prosecute distribution and possession of marijuana in California even if the state's voters approve a ballot measure to legalize the drug.
15Oct/104:30 AM

Video: Hearing Expected for Rapper T.I.

A federal judge will decide Friday whether to revoke Rapper T.I.'s probation.
14Oct/1011:36 PM

Video: Fake Cops & Legal Pot

Law abiding drug house raided by illegal officers - seriously.
14Oct/1010:08 PM

Video: Money Collected with "Crack Tax"

It's illegal to sell drugs in Tennessee, but it's legal for the state to tax drug dealers. The 2005 Crack Tax allowed law enforcement in Tennessee to seize money and property for drug busts, if the person had not paid a crack tax.
13Oct/1010:11 PM

Video: Teen's life sentence to be reviewed

Teen's life sentence to be reviewed
13Oct/109:35 PM

Video: Marijuana Dispensary Reopens After Raid

A medical marijuana dispensary in Palm Springs that was raided by L.A. County Sheriff's deputies last week re-opened over the weekend.
11Oct/102:18 AM

Video: Prop 19 Gets Financial Backing

The push to legalize marijuana has now gotten some important people lending their time and money to aid in the campaign.
10Oct/107:02 AM

Video: How to Make a Bill a Law

What you learned in civics class may not have given you the whole picture. Update your knowledge on what it takes to get a bill made into a law.
09Oct/108:01 AM

Video: Texting Law Goes Into Effect

Texting Law Goes Into Effect
07Oct/106:57 AM

Video: N.C. High Schooler Sues to Allow Nose Piercing

A North Carolina high school freshman says she was suspended for her nose piercing. Now the ACLU wants her back in school, saying she and her mother are members of the Church of Body Modification, and the piercing is part of her religious beliefs. (Oct.7)
07Oct/102:01 AM

Video: N.J. Senator Wants Anti-bully Law After Suicide

U.S. Sen. Frank Lautenberg said he'll introduce legislation requiring colleges to adopt a code of conduct that bars bullying following the suicide of a Rutgers University student whose gay sexual encounter in his dorm room was broadcast online. (Oct. 6)
06Oct/1011:42 PM

Video: Supreme Court Takes Up Issue Of Protesting At Soldiers Funerals

In 2005 members of Westboro Baptist Church protested outside the funerals of two Wisconsin soldiers, both were in Dodge county.
06Oct/108:56 AM

Video: SQ 751 - English as official language of Oklahoma

Making English the official language of Oklahoma brought heated debate over the legislative session. Now, you'll decide on it. It's one of eleven questions on the November ballot.
06Oct/105:49 AM

Video: Act Aims to Protect Teen Drivers

Car crashes are the number one killer of American teens today. But there is a new law under consideration that aims to reverse that trend.
05Oct/108:01 AM

Video: Gay Bias Attacks In NYC

Two, separate attacks on gay men over the weekend in Manhattan following the suicide of a gay student at Rutgers University has activists speaking out against gay violence. Good Day NY spoke with a former federal prosecutor and a gay college student about anti-gay crimes.
05Oct/105:19 AM

Video: Pa. House To Vote On Self-Defense Bill

The Pennsylvania House is advancing a bill that would expand legal protections for people who shoot others in self-defense.
04Oct/109:08 PM

Video: Arizona to be focus of several U.S. Supreme Court Cases

From tax credits to private schools, the nation’s highest court will be keeping Arizona in the forefront
04Oct/105:46 AM

Video: Kansas church among big topics in Supreme Court

Anti-gay protests by a Kansas church are among the topics to be considered by the Supreme Court when they opens its new term Monday.